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Welcome to the Digital Greek-American Cultural Center of Western Pennsylvania

What is Greece?

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When asked “what is Greece”, most Greek-Americans tend to describe a geographic region favored by tourists, sun-seekers, seafarers, and gastronomists. Others describe a culture of music and dance that evolved inside a tapestry of folk sounds and rhythms. Some will pursue the question with a referral to Greece’s ancient past and contribution to humankind as the cradle of democracy and as the vehicle of transmission of Christianity and Hellenistic culture.

Greece is this, and much more. It is a mosaic fashioned and finely-crafted over 3 millenia of human experience. A mosaic that rose from the azure Mediterranean and Aegean Sea always made more better and more perfect by the winds and the waves that over the centuries challenged it and the people that enriched the land and sea and were themselves enriched by the experiences.

Today, Greece is a kaleidoscope of many religions and cultures. Greece was always a crossroads of cultures and civilizations. What enabled the fashioning of a multicultural kaleidoscope was and remains one of the central and defining virtues of the Greek people; ***philoxenia***. Reaching out and becoming a friend of strangers, local and from far away lands.

This ***philoxenia*** defined our ancestors who immigrated to America, and to Western Pennsylvania. In spite of the harsh conditions, Greek immigrants never forgot the virtue of philoxenia. Greek immigrants valued that, among the many, we are all one - with common objectives to make our family, our community, our region a better place for all.

The aspiration to tell our story, our contributions, and to offer our ***philoxenia*** to our sister communities in Western Pennsylvania underlies the rationale to create and keep alive this Living Digital Cultural Center.

Let us welcome you inside our families and our history and then, let us take you on a journey…

Take Me to Greece!

An overview of Greece, its people, and culture

Happening Now in Greece

News and Weather

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Our Greek Roots

Learn about the places in Greece where we came from and their local culture


Our Immigrant Stories in Video

The stories of our immiggrant history in Western Pennsylvania


From Immigration to Settlement

The documents of our immiggrant history in Western Pennsylvania



Learn about how different countries including America helped raise the modern Greek nation


Greek Gastronomy

The food and drink of Greece - from the traditional to the modern. Learn how to make traditional Greek meals


Learn how to Speak Greek

A library of resources to help beginners learn and speak Greek


Virtual Walking in Greece

Walk virtually through hundreds of areas in Greece (cities, towns, nature)


Online Museums and Libraries

Take virtual tours through major museums in Greece and access millions of documents from Greek libraries


Classic and Modern Greek Literature

Access ancient, Greco-Roman, Byzantine, post-Byzantine, and modern Greek literature and poetry


Traditional and Modern Greek Music

Listen to traditional music from different regions as well as modern expressions


Multicultural Greece

The Intercultural Greece from Antiquity to Modern Times Greece as a crossroads of peoples and cultures


Greek Media and Entertainment

Access online mainstream Greek news media (TV and radio, newspapers and magazines) as well as classic and modern film and entertainment TV series


Greece for Children

A library of resources aimed at teaching the history and culture of Greece to children


Travel to Greece

Best ways to travel to Greece as well as a general tourist guide


Bring Greece to Your Home

Find Greek food and Greek item vendors in the USA


The Greek Nationality Room at the University of Pittsburgh

Its history, events, and distinguished persons who visited


Notable Past Events

Past events that brought the Community together


The Greek Quiz: Take the Online Challenge

A fun game to test your knowledge about Greece's past and present


The American Society of Byzantine Music and Hymnology

Housed inside the Russian and East European Studies Center. An international scholarly group, its conferences, and proceedings

Study in Greece

Learn about education centers and programs that offer study programs and courses in Greece

Entrepreneurship in Greece

Resources for Greece-USA commercial entrepreneurship opportunities


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