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Saturday March 27th, 2021
7:30 PM

“Bridges of White and Blue”

Tonight, we honor the descendants, living and long since passed, of the “lesser known” heroes of the Greek Revolution.

Six months of research by a dedicated team unearthed direct and indirect familial lineage of those heroes with the heroes who were the first immigrants in our region and the heroes who today carry on the traditions and lessons of their glorious and brave ancestors.

Appropriately, those descendants are tonight recognized with an Honorary Distinction and a one-time in history commemorative coin issued by the Greek Government specifically for the celebration of the Bicentennial.

The work is but a prologue to a vast treasure trove of information waiting to be discovered and we hope that this initiative, which we named “Bridges of White and Blue” will be carried forward by the children of the honorees as well as by others to unearth more of the unknown and lesser known history of the people whose descendants grace Western Pennsylvania today.