Wednesday September 14, 2022
7 PM


For the first time ever, the story will be presented in its English translation.

Doukas' story is one of the most powerful literary accounts of the ordeal of those Greeks who were unable to escape in time across the Aegean to mainland Greece after the onset of the genocide.

Acclaimed for its oral simplicity and captivating narrative qualities, it is the story of Nikolas Kozakoglou, an Anatolian Greek prisoner of war who escapes death by pretending to be a Muslim.

His story is one of survival, not heroism, hatred or revenge. It is a testimony to sheer human versatility and resilience and indirectly reveals how, although Greeks and Turks lived together on the whole peacefully in earlier times, they also remained deeply ignorant and suspicious of each other's religious practices.

"A Prisoner of War's Story" can be seen as an episode of a larger epic that took place in Asia Minor, the Pontus, and Anatolia, between 1915-1923.

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